Our guardian angel is always with us, according to the Christian tradition, each of us has a guardian angel, who accompanies us from
the moment in which we are born until the moment of our death. He is by our side in every moment of our life, his mission is to serve us, guide us, and protect us. Our Angel Guardian is devoted to our spiritual growth and is our great protector.

Our guardian angel is always present

He has unconditional love for us and is always by our side.
Angels differ from each other in their tasks, and especially in their position in heaven with respect to God. Although they are always available to you, they will not intervene in your life without your free consent. Our Angel of God is present in the most difficult moments of life.

But we can call him whenever we want to support and protect. Our Angel cannot force us to follow the path of goodness. He cannot decide for us, he is unable to impose choices on us. We are and we remain free. But his role is precious, important. As a silent and trustworthy advisor.

The Angel has been with you since before you were born when you were a soul floating in heaven. So he knows you very well because he knows the real you, not just the culture, time frame, and physical body you are with now. If the concept of past lives resonates with you, it is possible that your angel has been with you even during many of your past journeys on earth.

Our guardian angel can see directly into our hearts

He, therefore, is aware of your deepest desires and your most troubling fears. Unlike humans, the guardian angel does not judge. He sees all our mistakes for what they are, just mistakes.
Guardian Angels know that humans are fallible and that we are often doing our best. And when we do something terrible, a guardian angel’s forgiveness is like that of God, unconditional. You don’t have to earn the eternal love of an Angel, it’s given for free and it’s your birthright.

Who is our Guardian Angel?

You may wonder who your Guardian Angel is. You may be aware that you have an angel guiding and protecting you. However, the Angel Guardian often makes his presence known as a response to a person who actively seeks him. There are many different signs to watch out for, but some are more reliable than others.

Be aware of your dreams as your Angel may appear in some form, perhaps even through symbolism or numerology. If you start to feel like you’re not alone, consider the possibility that your Guardian Angel is nearby. The Kabbalistic tradition has codified 72 names of guardian angels who protect humanity. In this blog, you can find the name of your Angel based on your date of birth

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