Mebahel Guardian Angel Born May 26 to 31

Mebahel Guardian Angel leads to spirituality through the other, be it the partner, the spouse, the friend, or even the society itself. From this point of view, he is also… Read More

Angels instill the importance of gratitude

Angels instill the importance of gratitude. When we face difficulties and challenges, being grateful is something we tend to forget. I have experienced the difficulty of seeing the grace and… Read More

Advent angels, story of an infinite and pure love

Advent angels the story is very ancient and fascinates even the most skeptical, particularly loved by children, who are still pure and naive, are the only ones to see these… Read More

Aladiah Angel Prayer propitious forgiveness

Aladiah Angel God who always makes forgiveness propitious and possible! Eternal that you know all the secrets of human nature and as a torrent of Light penetrates Lord into my… Read More

Silence, everything is created in silence

Everything is created in silence: thoughts, words, inner peace and any other form of creativity. By dedicating part of your vital energy to silence, you will achieve inner peace, eliminate… Read More

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