Rochel birth angel, personality traits influence


Rochel birth angel influences the person with the desire to be useful for personal and other growth, which leads people to direct their special perception especially towards the qualities and aspirations we have lost, and even forgotten, to help us recognize them and find them. Life usually instructs them abundantly in this regard, through unpleasant … Read more

Mumiah Guardian Angel Born March 16 to 20


Mumiah is the chief collaborator of the Archangel Gabriel, and the governor of the energies of the Moon – the unconscious forces that form the images of our inner self. He is the angel closest to the Humans, the one who turns all our dreams into reality. Indeed Mumiah grants people the grace and power … Read more

Leuviah Guardian Angel Born June 22 to 26


Leuviah Guardian Angel represents and dispenses the part of the severe energies of Saturn that is linked to Jupiter, mitigated by expansion and joy. Leuviah jointly inspires grace and justice, hopes that the Law will be applied according to the Spirit. Leuviah supports the realization of a celestial world in the density of matter and … Read more

Archangel Jophiel, the beauty of God


The archangel Jophiel is as the meaning of his name suggests, the angel of beauty, harmonious thoughts, and balance. Archangel Jophiel has our balance very much at heart and helps us to find it not only in thoughts but also in the environment in which we work and live. He reminds us that it is … Read more

The spiritual person takes care of the soul


Being a spiritual person does not mean being perfect, loving unconditionally, and putting yourself completely at the service of others, this belongs to the Saints and the great Masters and is a very rare gift. A gift that requires so much devotion an indissoluble faith and a lot of sacrifices. Being spiritual people means that … Read more

Resilience ability to cope with stressful traumatic events


Resilience is a term that derives from the material sciences to indicate the capacity for the preservation of one’s structure after being deformed. In psychology, it has been used to indicate the ability of people to cope with stressful traumatic events without being excessively affected by negative effects. This concept serves to explain why similar … Read more