Pahaliah Guardian Angel Born June 27 to July 1

Pahaliah's guardian angel restricts the person's possibilities of the initiative by bringing his goals to precise limits and ready for realization. To instill extreme vigor in his projects, precisely by… Read More

Fragility helps to truly find out who we are

Fragility helps to truly discover who we are, it brings us within our ego, not in the darkness of indifference but the light of sharing. I am the fragile one,… Read More

Birth angel influences everyone’s personality

Birth Angel influences everyone's personality, he protects us and accompanies us throughout our lives, always stimulating our virtues and qualities (this is their mission). But since we humans have free… Read More

Mitzrael Guardian Angel Born January 16 to 20

Mitzrael guardian angel gives the capacity to concretize projects, and also to bestow repairing and reconstructive energies. Mitzrael angel dramatically accelerates the manifestation of human intentions: it has an influence… Read More

Umabel Guardian Angel Born January 21 to 25

Umabel Guardian Angel gives the person a particularly sensitive and empathic soul, therefore able to tune in with others by offering friendship and friendship. The person born under his influence… Read More

Rochel birth angel, personality traits influence

Rochel birth angel influences the person with the desire to be useful for personal and other growth, which leads people to direct their special perception especially towards the qualities and… Read More

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