Holy Archangels Money Invocation

Holy archangels prayer, recite this powerful prayer to prosper, for the need of money. If you desire to buy a house, pay debts, have a prosperous career. – Lord in the name… Read More

Jeliel Guardian Angel Born March 26 to 30

Jeliel represents and grants the power to concretize and consolidate any reality. It grants the solidity, the tranquility, the fecundity (vegetable, animal, human, working), the fidelity of the spouse, obedience… Read More

Leuviah 19th Kabbalah Angel meditation prayer

Leuviah 19th Angel urges to express with art, new science and a new spirituality to help build the beauty of a renewed world. The hieroglyph of this Name (Lamed Vav… Read More

Daniel Kabbalah Angel 50th Meditation Prayer

Daniel Kabbalah Angel 50th urges to become careful judges of themselves and the world. To exercise all the mercy, the compassion, and trust necessary to develop one's talents. With his… Read More

Imamiah Angel 52nd of Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Imamiah Angel urges us to observe ourselves in depth by trying to understand our changes, and therefore the true meaning of the experiences we face and the consequences that determine… Read More

Covid-19 Prayer to Almighty God

Covid-19 is moving forward but God can stop it. We must have faith in God and pray. Jesus promised that we will obtain whatever we ask with faith in prayer… Read More

Realize what you want Angels Prayer

Realize what you want with this prayer to the Guardian Angels. Praying is the key you need, your faith helps you if you believe in God's response. God promises to… Read More

Our guardian angel is always with us

Our guardian angel is always with us, we often cannot see it and we also have difficulty perceiving his presence. But faith in his presence around us already gives us… Read More

Poyel 56 Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Poyel 56 Kabbalah Angel exhorts to make others participate and the world of their own inner riches. To seek within oneself the inexhaustible forces that spring from trust and love.… Read More

Sehaliah 45th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Sehaliah 45th Kabbalah Angel urges us to look with absolute confidence at the forces of good. Even when everything seems overwhelmed and irreparably destroyed. It invites you to spread prosperity,… Read More