Ariel 46th kabbalah Angel Meditation prayer

Ariel 46th Kabbalah Angel’s qualities are knowing how to live, sensitivity, delicacy, self-confidence, and self-knowledge. Understanding of one’s mistakes, firm spirit, and remarkable constancy. A propensity for science and medicine thanks to an acute intelligence that makes him inclined to scientific studies and research, and the ability to understand the secrets of nature. In fact,… Continue reading Ariel 46th kabbalah Angel Meditation prayer

Solomon’s Knot Complex Symbol

Solomon’s knot in the complex symbol concealed behind this emblem can be found in at least two significant genealogies of¬†meanings. The first concerns the appearance of the knot following the plot, detectable in the setting of four identical fragments one inside the other. And finally that of the Serpent, not directly found on the symbol,… Continue reading Solomon’s Knot Complex Symbol