Angel Nemamiah symbol of prosperity


Angel Nemamiah symbol of prosperity and evolution, if you are from the Capricorn zodiac sign and you were born between 1st and 5th January, your guardian angel is Nemamiah. Number 57 on the 72 protective angels, symbolizing prosperity. Find out how to invoke this angel and all his qualities. Nemamiah means praiseworthy God and deserves … Read more

Nemamiah Guardian Angel Born January 1 to 5


Nemamiah Guardian Angel represents the Uranian aspect of Mercury’s energies. According to the Kabbalistic Tradition, this guardian angel can make anything thrive, and can free the prisoners. The energies of Uranus, which bring prosperity and health, combined with the energies of Mercury (intelligence), can free the humans from the intellectual tendencies that imprison in the … Read more

Sehaliah 45th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer


Sehaliah 45th Kabbalah Angel urges us to look with absolute confidence at the forces of good. Even when everything seems overwhelmed and irreparably destroyed. It invites you to spread prosperity, reconstruction and relief around you. Promising that every act of sustenance addressed to the world will return to radiate its good also to us. The … Read more