Powers Angels drive out the attacks of evil

Powers Angels are the last Choir of the second Angelic hierarchy, their name reveals to us their parity of degree shared with Dominions Angels and with the Virtues Angels. The… Read More

Luck beats once on the same door

Luck beats once on the same door, an ancient maxim states that luck beats only once on the same door. It is a proverb aimed only at impressing the naive.… Read More

Spirituality is the way to be happy

In Spirituality there are three levels that I consider fundamental. Emotions: our emotional life has a huge impact on us and therefore it is a fundamental aspect to face to… Read More

Spiritual Retreats Suspension of Daily Stress

Spiritual retreats represent an often unique opportunity to experience a parenthesis distant from technological digital interconnections. Because spirituality is not a fad. If you are already imagining the mystical silence… Read More

Protective meditation against envy and slander

Protective meditation is a spiritual practice that brings together concentration, relaxation, and visualization techniques, intending to create barriers of psychic energy, which create a barrier to the negativity that comes… Read More

The eye reveals the secret details of your subconscious

The eye is the mirror of the soul, we have all heard this statement. What you see in the eyes of others reveals a secret about your subconscious mind and… Read More

Mebahel Guardian Angel Born May 26 to 31

Mebahel Guardian Angel leads to spirituality through the other, be it the partner, the spouse, the friend, or even the society itself. From this point of view, he is also… Read More

Angels instill the importance of gratitude

Angels instill the importance of gratitude. When we face difficulties and challenges, being grateful is something we tend to forget. I have experienced the difficulty of seeing the grace and… Read More

Mumiah 72nd Angel of the Kabbalah Meditation Prayer

Mumiah Kabbalah Angel 72 Meditation - spiritual purification. According to the Kabbalah, the vibration of this name allows us to intuit the difference between our true self and the ego… Read More

Meditation as a cure for many ailments

Meditation healing benefits on even pathological conditions of the body are now well known and exist in full-bodied literature and solid scientific evidence. We would like you to reflect on… Read More