traditional text

Damabiah Guardian Angel Born February 10 to 14

Damabiah in Traditional Text is indicated as the source of all wisdom that transmits to the person a continuous flow,…

1 week ago

Yeiayel Guardian Angel Born July 7 to 11

Yeiayel gives fame understood as recognition of one’s value by others, and also as an invisible light that radiates our…

1 week ago

Sehaliah Guardian Angel Born November 3 to 7

Sehaliah administers the energies of the Sun so he is a completely solar angel, who gives energy and vitality health,…

1 week ago

Vasariah Guardian Angel Born August 29 to Sept. 2

Vasariah guardian angel transmits with force and vigor the energies of Jupiter (wealth, well-being, joy) in the interiority of people born under his divine influence. By…

1 year ago

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