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Protective prayer against the evil eye

Protective prayer against the evil eye. In many cultures the evil eye is considered to be the ability that a person can cause damage to others with a single glance.… Read More

Powerful prayer against the evil eye

Powerful Liberation PrayerLord Almighty and merciful God, Father Son, and Holy Spirit expel from me any diabolical influence of any evil spirit. O God in the name of Jesus Christ… Read More

Liberation prayer and renunciation of evil forces

Liberation prayer, if something oppresses you, say this prayer if you feel a sense of continuous oppression if you feel heavy discomfort inside you. It is a three-part invocation, which… Read More

Night Prayer Short Guardian Angel Prayer

Night prayer of consecration to your Guardian Angel to bless your life in difficulties.Very kind angel, my guardian, tutor and teacher, my guide and defense, my most wise counselor and… Read More