Yud Resh Ayin 46th Name of God Meaning

Yud Resh Ayin contains the concept – between appearances, as through a fog, I lead to the truth. While it is true that everyone likes to feel a little special, nobody likes to be really different. Each person would have a lot to tell about it if the fear of his wonderful talents had not… Continue reading Yud Resh Ayin 46th Name of God Meaning

Yud Yud Yud 22nd Name of God Meaning

Yud Yud Yud is one of the supreme rabbinic formulas that indicated the indescribability of God. The letter Yod in fact means both – manifesting – and – seeing. And the Highest is the One who manifests himself beyond all that has already manifested, enveloping every horizon that our inner sight can hope to grasp.… Continue reading Yud Yud Yud 22nd Name of God Meaning

Yud Bet Mem Genesis 1: 1, The first sentences of Genesis are all dedicated to God who creates our Universe using his word as a creative medium. Things do not exist when he thinks of them, but when he says them. For this reason, the Gospel of John begins with In the beginning was the Word.

Although it may seem amazing, there are only two laws that operate at a general level throughout creation. The first is the famous law of cause and effect. According to this law, an effect can be associated with every cause, in the sense that in nature it is not possible to do an action without provoking a consequence.

In physics, there are many laws that are related to this general law, but the most similar law is that of action and reaction. For a long time philosophically it was thought that this law was totally symmetrical and reversible.

That is to say that every cause should always correspond to a cause. Instead, this is not true, as was shown by Pauli and Jung, who discovered the second fundamental universal law: the principle of synchronicity.

The two researchers, a well-known physicist, the other even more well-known psychologist, have postulated the existence of a superior order, to which everything is enslaved. Then some effects manifest themselves as consequences of a cause.

But other events may be of a causal type, not generated by a cause, but a consequence of the necessities related to this higher order. Recognizing the project means knowing how to enter the apparent disorder of everyday events, which are partly causal and partly not, and know-how to connect everything in an orderly design vision.

Knowing how to get completely into God’s project would be too ambitious, but the Name Yud Bet Mem can help us to get closer to this ideal goal. I wrote to know how to connect everything, precisely because the cause is not said to coincide with manifest action.

For this reason, for example, Jesus does not distinguish between those who commit a sin and those who simply think to do it: the two situations are equivalent.

Yud Bet Mem allows us to see the Light of God’s Project at the end of each tunnel and to recognize that there is that particular Project under the apparent chaos. Yud Bet Mem is similar to the 26 Name of God – God who listens to the Secret.

With the difference that in that Name it is a matter of recognizing that superior order of which Pauli and Jung speak. While in Yud Bet Mem it is not necessary to understand the order, as well as understanding the Project.

But it is necessary to recognize the existence of a superior Project, and for this reason to trust. On the other hand, those who are associated with this force. And put it at the service of their ego will tend to replace the Project with its personal projects, creating further disorder and confusion.