Talent is a creative energy that lives inside each of us


Talent is a skill with exceptional traits, which characterizes an individual in a unique way. It is believed that a great talent must be followed by a brilliant career, perhaps studded with substantial earnings and therefore it is an exclusive characteristic of famous personalities, artists, painters, etc.

There is also a tendency to believe that this special gift is discovered only at a young age. Otherwise, you don’t have it and you have to cultivate it with commitment and effort from an early age in order to develop it and make it germinate. From our point of view, talent is a rather creative energy that lives within each of us, which if left free leads each person to his full and spontaneous realization.

It is a heritage within everyone’s reach that does not concern special abilities but the simple attitude to follow one’s true destiny, which can be accessed at any time. And its expression allows you to manifest your true nature, leading the individual to full self-realization.

In many ancient cultures, talent coincided with the daemon (demon), destiny, or inspiring genius. That is, an innate ability capable of guiding man towards the most correct choices to bring out his true nature, his profound essence, his unrepeatable imprint.

Bring out the talent

Talent is the unique image that defines us and with which we came into the world, it is our existential identity card. Our natural tendency, the invisible pivot around which we all rotate and on which our fulfillment and our happiness are based. Talent is not found by making an effort to look for it, but only by letting life happen in its naturalness, without persisting in channeling it in predetermined, logical or socially legitimate directions.

Express your talent to the fullest

If it is true that talent is that distinctive trait that characterizes us, every time we are unhappy and dissatisfied it is because we are deviating our true nature and with it our way of being unique. When we move away from talent overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of life, prejudices, and behavior patterns, it is as if an internal demon were calling us to order through signals of discomfort that must be accepted and interpreted.