The Angels of Happiness urge us to return to the truth

The Angels of Happiness show us how anything that creates suffering is a simple illusion, a diversion to distract our attention from God. These Angels make us feel like there is no break between us and the Creator, no separation that could steal it from us. state of happiness not even for a moment. Everything is God. And therefore, unhappiness is impossible.

Due to ignorance, selfishness, and above all because of the mistakes made, it is impossible for ordinary people to always be happy. In the case of ordinary human beings, the errors, ignorance, and selfishness they show prevent them from being permanently among the guests at the endless banquet of angels.

Trying to enter into communion with the Angels of Happiness, we head towards the path of Happiness, opening our whole heart and being to the pure and profoundly beneficial delights of joy.

With the help of the Angels of Happiness, we can amplify the states of joy in us with our purity, our delicacy. Our broad and total openness to wonders of all kinds, with our good deeds and wisely using all the inner resources at our disposal.

Many are looking for what we call happiness, but there is still a lot of confusion about how we can achieve it. The Angels of Happiness help us to dispel this state of confusion, which is actually the only obstacle that prevents us from living this holy ideal. They invite us to join them towards the heights, taking shelter under their wings full of love.

Another aspect that the Angels of Happiness make us understand is that all the troubles that happen to us do nothing but mirror what resides in our own minds. The intention to know the truth is the first step to escape the sources of suffering.

The Angels of Happiness urge us to return to the truth

To that sacred place that is in our heart, since infinite happiness is our true essence. They encourage us to simply enjoy a moment of rest inside our hearts, without ever escaping the mind from ourselves. By rejecting what seems too simple to us, we risk ignoring the very thing that could quickly and safely lead us back home, into the arms of God.

They help us to transform the things we fear into pleasant aspects, thus eliminating the constant source of suffering from the mind. The difficulties we face express precisely our choices, but they can cease with our simple, firm, and clear intention to renew ourselves.

There is no complexity in happiness, simplicity is its main ingredient. Happiness arises from the perception of fundamental truths. The great truths are simple, but we can only get there by feeding on what is essential.

The Holy Angels help us to rejoice in the living spirit that burns in us and that God has placed in our hearts for sublime purposes. They entice us to plunge into a state of mysterious happiness. Continually marveling at the gifts we have and those we can receive thanks to our beneficial intentions. We don’t have to go anywhere, but a simple breath and sincere prayer are the passports to the realm of eternal Happiness.

Happiness Prayer

Lord God, Heavenly Father,
please bless this moment
in which I undertake to return home, in my heart.
I know you are close and I humbly beg you
help me feel the sky in my heart.
Lift me up now Lord and take me home, please.

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