The evil eye is the power of envious people

The evil eye is the power of the gaze of envious people to produce effects on the person observed. From the magical point of view, the evil eye is a spell, aimed at subtracting or increasing the vital energy of an individual.

Popular culture uses a good luck amulet against the evil_eye, which varies according to the culture. In extreme cases, the person affected by the evil eye can be subjected to rites of exorcism widespread in all religious traditions.

Against the evil_eye, pearls, red ribbons, and coral necklaces guarantee protection against the evil magic of the evil eye. In the Middle Ages, it was customary to make a knife incision on the forehead of dangerous witches suspected of practicing the evil_eye.

The power of the evil eye

The eyes are said to have the ability to transmit the forces hidden in the body outward. For this reason, they are always given exceptional power. Some are said to exercise the evil eye even unintentionally, simply by looking at another person.

The eye is the organ of sensory perception that is hit when the pupils cross. According to this legend, the right eye represents the sun, the future, the activity. The left eye represents the moon, the past the passivity.

In some parts of the world, it is handed down by tradition familiar as a magical-therapeutic rite. There are various therapies to deal with the aggression of the evil eye. The elements that make up medicine are many – prayers, water, holy water, wheat, salt, oil, barley, rice, stones, paper, coal, clothing, horn.

For almost all healers, the central element is water, which is drunk or used to make the sign of the cross. Water is an element used for centuries in magic even in religions as in the Christian one it is synonymous with cleansing and purification. It is with holy water that one blesses, it is in running water that the remains are thrown a ritual, it is with water and salt that the evil_eye is burned.

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