The power of prayer connects us with the Universe

The power of prayer connects us with the Universe and enables us to participate in the creation process. Simply praying with conviction means keeping alive the emotion that would be felt if we had what we most ardently desire.

What do you want?
What would you like for your life?
Who would you like to be?
At this very moment.

Many people when they ask these questions answer money. Forgetting that money is a means to satisfy a need or allay anxiety. So, looking deeply into yourself, what need would you like to satisfy now?

The very fact of asking these questions sets in motion a process of opening. At the very moment that I ask myself – what do I want? I begin to communicate with the Universe, the Universe that is outside and the Universe that is inside me.

The power of prayer is the main means of communication between us and the Universe.

Perhaps you will be familiar with the act of praying. Sitting or kneeling, hands folded and eyes closed. While the words they have taught us since the most remote times are repeated by heart. Well, this is exactly the opposite of what is meant here.

The prayer we are talking about is not a recitation, it is not generic, it is not a formality. But above all the prayer we are talking about is not a request, it does not serve to ask God to give us something that we do not have.

The Universe speaks the language of emotions. If we kneel to pray to ask to be saved from a precarious economic situation, our emotions will send a precise signal, a signal that contains the message – I am poor.

It will then be that signal itself to have value, this will be the message that will be received and that will end up overwriting the request for help. Prayer that helps the awareness and growth process has a different nature.

The power of prayer is in tune with the universe

As we said before, it starts from being in tune with a precise emotional state. From being present here and now, from the belief that you have everything you need.

When I pray I don’t say please give me, but I say I already have.
Now I already have abundance, I am in good health, love, gratitude, appreciation, empathy. I am job opportunities, perseverance, motivation, creativity.

Starting the prayer with I have or I am allows you to insert into this – vehicle – whatever you want. Whether it’s a character trait or an object, as long as you are aware of the nature and origin of your request.

In the act of praying it is therefore important to feel calm, to trust the words that are spoken, to know exactly what they mean for us.

The power of prayer is not a rhyme

We are not repeating an empty rhyme, we are creating an emotional connection with the vibration of words like Gratitude, Love, Health, Abundance. We are imagining in our mind exactly what it means to be grateful, loved, in good health, to have what it takes.

The more specific the idea, the more effective the prayer.
It may take a while to learn your own way of praying, it may take a while to create the personalized content of each prayer and the preferred method.

You could pray standing or kneeling, sitting in meditation or in bed before going to sleep. The important thing is that you are convinced of what you are saying, that you are connected with the emotional vibration of your words and that you are confident in their power.

Imagine that you are releasing frequencies into the ether that will open gaps in your path, that will echo in space and that will somehow be picked up by the people who will help you achieve your dreams. Basically, this is prayer, a radio wave that speaks a non-explicit language and sculpts our present and our future.

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