The source symbolizes birth, life, and death

The source is a symbol of purity of great symbolic and mystical richness. Physically it is the link in the chain without which the water cycle could not be produced. After an underground life in the groundwater, it gushes out, becomes a stream that gradually becomes larger, and turns into a river, which widens more and more until it throws itself into the sea and continues its course in the agitated currents of the ocean.

It then returns to the state of vapor, moves into the Earth’s atmosphere and falls in the form of rain, flows over the Earth’s surface and penetrates it up to its bowels to gush again as a source.

The unchanging and eternal cycle of water perfectly illustrates that of man’s life on Earth. Indeed, it is easy to establish an analogy between rain and fertilization. Heaven is a representation of the father or the great male principle and Earth that of the mother or the great female principle, both omnipresent and at the origin of all life forms.

Rain is then the seed of Heaven which fertilizes the fertile Earth. In its bowels the source is formed, it is in gestation: everything happens as if the Earth were pregnant with a source. Finally, the spring flows, at the sides or the foot of a mountain. So we are witnessing a birth. Like a child, the source also grows: the source is a representation of the infant, the brook of the child, the torrent of the teenager, the river of man.

His whole life seems already marked and we can follow and understand it, observing the path on the surface of the Earth of a source that has become a river. This path is the destiny of man. However, as we know, if the stream first and the river then do not flow in a straight line towards the sea, but rather seem to move like snakes, it is a function of the rotation movement of the Earth that affects the course of the water.

So in analogy with man’s destiny, the water of the river can do nothing but head towards the sea, as he is destined to die, to return to the cosmos from which it comes. Symbolically, if the bowels of the Earth are comparable to the mother’s womb, the sea represents the primordial waters in which being in gestation is formed.

It is in the sea that all the springs are thrown after having become rivers. Consequently, the unique and embodied soul, represented by the spring that flows solitary, is reunited with all the souls, who together make up the ocean of life. In this way, from time immemorial, our ancestors have made the source the symbol of the birth of man, the original flow, the essence of all life, a representation of the initial Chaos in which souls immerse themselves after their passage on the Earth, waiting for a new life.

As we can see, the source is therefore at the origin of everything that begins, is born, manifests itself. For this reason, once again symbolically, returning to the source is equivalent to a spiritual or mystical search that consists of rediscovering one’s original condition. In the mind of our ancestors, the source, therefore, had a divine, sacred, magical, pure, virginal character. The moment the baby appears, the soul is still pure. However, the principle of the soul can hardly be conceptualized because it is not learned intellectually. It implies a renunciation.

It is therefore a matter of getting rid of desires, impressions, contradictory feelings that attack us at all times and deprive us of direct experience with the reality of the world in which we live. And the reason why to go back to the origins, according to a universal mystical research present in all the religions and beliefs of the world since the dawn of time, requires a stripping. The return to origins is like an initiation, what we today call awareness.

All this means that we must grasp what our conscience tells us when we feel victims of our thoughts and actions. Now if we follow the path of the source to the ocean, which represents the destiny of man and his life on Earth, it is easy to understand that returning to the origins, death and the cycle of rebirth are challenged.

Indeed, if reincarnation is a comforting concept, as it allows us to glimpse another life after death and a probable rebirth on Earth, it nevertheless implies an inexorable fatal cycle, without end, about which one has the right to wonder if there are a purpose and justification. The concept of reincarnation and the cycle of rebirths can be traced back to that of the myth of the labyrinth, that is, of a place from which one cannot escape if one does not have a common thread.

The only possible way to leave this seemingly eternal cycle of reincarnation is to return to the origins, that is, to the original state. In this regard, stories and testimonies abound all over the world concerning the life of the mystics, according to whom they are similar to children.

Their statements, based on a certain naivety, were made with such sincerity and simplicity that they could not be doubted. This was precisely what impressed the interlocutors of these individuals. So, everything suggests that this original state that we find in defying death, in going back to origins, is nothing more than the famous sensory organ of the soul to which in particular the Hindus and Buddhists refer.

This post was published on May 30, 2020 12:24 pm

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