The Spirit of Love and Light is Omnipresent

The spirit of and light is omnipresent and includes all of , this happens because God is everywhere. This spirit takes different forms in people, animals, plants, and natural elements. Trees have always been associated with spirituality, divination, and healing. In ancient times, Celtic druids were known as tree experts. It is said that from the trees, the druids had learned much of the information in their possession.

Socrates also argued that the oak was a kind of oracle capable of predicting the future and revealing important information. It is not only the oaks that are considered trees. Other trees considered sacred and divine symbols are the willow, pine, olive, and laurel.

The active ingredients of aspirin were extracted from the bark of the white willow. Joseph of Arimathea walked with the help of a stick made from a branch of sacred hawthorn. Pine trees produce an oil which is a natural ointment used to relieve pain.

All these examples must make us understand the importance of trees and lead us to have for these creatures of God. The of trees live within each plant, just like the soul lives in the body of us human beings.

It will have happened to you at least once in your life, to glimpse a face in the knots of the trees or in the streaks of the bark. If you pause to look at the trees with an open heart and mind, you will be able to see how the trunks of old oaks or pines look like old gentlemen. These are the faces of the tree spirits.

Just like people, tree spirits also have personalities. It is possible to build a real relationship and a relationship based on trust with these beings. Probably the most important thing these spirits teach us is to deepen the bond with nature and to respect it.

Just like any tree, plants also have a spirit. We must learn to respect the spiritual essence of plants. A good habit is to talk to plants. Plants hear our words and are able to appreciate sincere compliments and loving care. This explains why people who talk to their flowers have lush gardens and balconies.

God manifests his spirit, the spirit of love and light, through all the creatures around us. To connect with these spirits it is necessary to have an empathic heart and an open mind. We respect these creatures, establish a connection with them and learn to live in communion with nature.

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