Thrones Angels burn with love and divine intelligence

Thrones Angels burn with the love of God and divine intelligence. as Daniel writes: His throne was flames and fire. Around the throne there were twenty-four thrones on which twenty-four elders dressed in white robes and with golden crowns on their heads sat (Ap 4,4) because the Lord of armies will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, shining with glory in the presence of his elders (Isaiah 24.23).

The twenty-four thrones are certainly the thrones mentioned by Saint Paul in Colossians 1.16. Twenty-four Elders sitting on the thrones arranged around the throne are part of the highest heavenly hierarchies. God the high Shepherd-Elder of the universe (cf. Dan 7,9), and the twenty-four Elders form the Celestial College of Elders or Heavenly Presbyter.

I personally believe that these Elders, in addition to worshiping God and presenting the prayers of the saints to him (cf. Rev 4:10; 5,8; 11,16), govern with him over angels and the universe. According to some scholars, they are the representatives of the glorified Church. According to others, of the raptured Church and according to others they are twelve prophets of the Old Testament and the twelve apostles of the Lamb. I believe these conclusions are based on the following reasons.

a) The twenty-four Elders have never experienced redemption. In Revelation 4 they sing a hymn to God the Creator. in chapter 5, although they sing the song of redemption, they do not sing it for themselves, but for the men who have been redeemed by the Lamb (And you have made them a kingdom of priests and will reign on earth) (v.10).

In the oldest manuscripts the pronoun they are used (And you made them), which here refers to the Church. If the Elders were the Church, why would they refer to it by telling them? They should use the pronoun us (And you made us or And you made us kings and priests), but it is not so because they are not the Church nor are they represented in it.

b) Revelation 7.14 (I replied: My Lord, you know it. The apostle John calls one of the elderly my Lord, recognizing that he is in a position of lower authority than he is. It is logical to assume that he would not express this way if it had simply been men of God, even if raised to such a degree of glory, since …

c) If the twenty-four Elders represented the Church, then John, who is among the most authoritative exponents of it, should be one of the Elders, while instead, he is not. He does not recognize even one of the eleven apostles among the 24, who at that time must have already been with the Lord. Who better than them could represent the glorified Church?

Furthermore, John does not recognize even one of the prophets of the Old Testament. The twenty-four Elders sit on their thrones in what we might call the button room, where God’s throne is also located, where all decisions are made. That they are part of the highest angelic hierarchies would justify the expression my Lord, which John used when addressing one of them.

Bringing God this is the role of the Thrones Angels

Take him not only to heaven but bring him to those to whom he wants to communicate. They are executors of the decrees of his justice and announcers of his mercy. The theological virtue that is usually associated with them is hope. Saint Bonaventure also attributed humility to them.

Strength and stability are the thrones, forever inseparable. This is what the Pseudo-Dionysius expresses (They move away without compromise from any baseness. They are stretched towards the heights with an intensity unknown from our world. And they maintain themselves with all their strength, in an inseparable and well-ordered way around the One who is, in the full sense of this term, the Highest).

In conclusion, Sacred Scripture gives us no clue about the nature and tasks of this angelic choir, in addition to revealing his name at the head of a partial list: in it, there were all the things created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, Thrones and Dominions, Principalities and Powers.

Being the last choir of the first and highest hierarchy, the Thrones Angels share with the Seraphs and Cherubins the great dignity and glory of being closer to the throne of God than all the others. Thanks to their closeness to God, the light of divine mysteries reaches them before others.

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