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Thrones Angels Choir in Angelic Hierarchy

Thrones Angels are described as swirls of light, they are always represented with musical instruments in their hands like the harp and the trumpet. They are beautiful creatures, sensitive and very close to humans. They are known to be responsible for inspiring beauty and admiration for art. Neither close to God as the seraphim nor so distant, Thrones Angels are considered messengers who transmit orders and teachings of God to the other angels through the songs. Because they are so tied to the earth, angels mainly intervene in family disputes or disagreements in the professional environment and are always attentive to our needs.

Tsaphkiel prince of the Thrones Angels

The angels of the throne are ruled by Tsaphkiel, an angel associated with the Earth. It represents the creative forces of the earth and helps humans to imagine and contemplate the future. The best way to connect with the angel Tsaphkiel is through singing, so the prayers and invocations for him are all in rhyme to be realized in the form of music. In addition to Prince Tsaphkiel, the hierarchy of Thrones Angels is composed of Lauviah, Caliel, Leuviah, Pahaliah, Nelchael, Ieiaiel, Melahel and Haheuiah, and each has its own characteristics and powers, yet they protect people born at similar times – and that of consequently they have similar personalities.

The people governed by the Thrones Angels are extremely sensitive, loving and willing to help others. They are clear in speeches and although they have not studied much, they are considered essays by the people around them. For those who do not know them well, they seem shy, but in reality they are cautious and suspicious people, who avoid situations that make them suffer. They are questioning people, especially when it comes to religion. But while they have good arguments and questions, they struggle to say “no” to hurting themselves easily, suffering from certain attitudes of people who love.

In relationships they are romantic people, they love being together, they love a quiet environment, listening to music and feeling at ease with silence. At work, they have difficulty detaching the emotional side of the professional: when they are well, they work very well, but when the emotion is shaken they have difficulty being productive.


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