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Tree of Life synthesis of the teachings of the Kabbalah

Tree of Life is the synthesis of the most famous and important teachings of the Kabbalah. It is an abstract and symbolic diagram consisting of ten entities …. Sefirot. The Sefirot correspond to important metaphysical concepts, to true levels within the Divinity. Furthermore, they are also associated with the practical and emotional situations that each of us goes through in our daily lives.

The Tree of Life is the program according to which the creation of the worlds took place, it is the path of descent along which souls and creatures have reached their present form. It is also the path of ascent, through which the whole creation can return to the goal to which everything yearns. The Tree of Life is Jacob’s ladder (Genesis 28), whose base is resting on the earth and whose top touches the sky. Along it the angels rise and fall continuously. Along it also the awareness of human beings rises and falls.

After losing the heavenly state of the Garden of Eden, humanity no longer has direct access to the Tree of Life. As the Bible says, the path that leads to the Tree is watched by a pair of Cherubs, two angels armed with a flaming sword. But this does not mean that the way is completely inaccessible. According to oral tradition, the two Cherubs have one a male face and the other a female face. They represent the two fundamental polarities of existence, as they express themselves on the higher planes of awareness.

With the gradual approximation and reunification of these principles, these angels cease to be the Guardians of the threshold, whose task is to remove all those who do not have the right to enter, and instead become the pillars that support the door that leads us back to the Garden of Eden. Their very presence serves as an indication and a reference point for those who are trying to return home.

However, it is not an easy job. The two Cherubs hold a flaming double-edged sword. Among many other things, it symbolizes the destruction of the two Temples of Jerusalem. Immediately after the destruction of the second Temple, the Zohar (Book of Splendor) was revealed to the world and with it was given the description of the Tree of Life.

The swords of the Cherubs turn into two pairs of wings crossed at the top, and together they define the arch placed above the entrance portal to the Garden of Eden: the Fiftieth Door of Knowledge, the Door of the Lord, through which the righteous come. They thus become the Cherubs who towered over the Ark of the Covenant, one with a male face, the other with a female face.

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