True generosity is giving what you are

True generosity is to give what you are, not what you have. Giving is a way to get out of the ego’s boundaries, to be part of the world and life. All this feeds happiness and inner contentment, like a bright thread that crosses our existence and makes it unique and precious.

We would all like to be honest and patient, we would all like to be generous but it is not easy. It is not enough to donate money or other material objects to feel and be generous. Without a doubt, if people were more generous with each other the society in which we live would be a better place.

Sometimes in reality we are afraid of giving, we are afraid of losing something, of being defrauded of our skills and competencies, of a part of us. Perhaps even of our time when in reality the best time is what we give to others.

In reality, only the one who knows how to give is rich. Rich within himself. And it is well-off those who are comfortable with themselves in depth. Generosity – the gift made with true love – makes us feel good, makes us invulnerable to sadness because giving is a way to get out of the ego’s boundaries, to be part of the world and of life

Many people say they cannot give to others because they themselves have many shortcomings and cannot afford to make donations. As if generosity was focused on material goods, of course, when we have the opportunity and we can help others with our money and with what we have it is good to do it, but we never forget that the true gift is a gift of oneself, gift of being and not having.

A caress, a kind gesture, time dedicated to listening with participation, a smile, welcome, isn’t this pure generosity? After all, what are we, our talents, what do we need if we keep them for us?

It is also written in the Gospel – you are the light of the world; a city that is on top of a mountain cannot remain hidden, nor can a lamp be lit to put it under a bushel, but on the candlestick, and thus sheds light on all who are in the house. (Matthew 5, 13-16)

Make your light shine like the sun, have the strength and courage to bring your gift to others: in the family, at work, to the people you meet every day. Remember that the scent of the flower also remains in the hands of those who donated it.

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