Trust in the help of Guardian Angels

in the help of , they know perfectly the history of our soul, they know what lessons we must learn and what our gifts and talents are. They cannot intervene if we do not ask for their help, but when we do they are very happy to be able to help us. For guardian angels, there is nothing impossible of too easy or too difficult.

Since I live my life in the company of angels everything has changed, including myself. A very important lesson I hung from my heavenly helpers is that it all depends on me. What I think, the I feel, the choices I make, all that is my responsibility.

Achieving this kind of awareness requires a great deal of daily work that everyone can do with the help of angels. Angels are being wonderful, intelligent, invulnerable, incorruptible. They are the pure essence of Divine love and that is why they love everyone unconditionally. They never judge us, they don’t see defects in us and they focus only on our Divine essence.

It is possible to ask them anything as long as it is for our maximum good and that of the other people involved. The important thing is to be specific, the more we are detailed in the description of the thing to be realized, the easier it is for them to it, so trust in the help of guardian angels.

Another very important thing when we ask for their help is to pay attention to the emotion that arises when we imagine our request made. The angels feel our moods and our emotions and their job is to make us happy. If we don’t really want what we ask for, nothing will . On the contrary, the more we feel good about imagining an event realized, the more they will help us to realize it with means, events, and synchronicity.

Trust in the help of guardian angels

There is no right or wrong time to ask, you can contact them at any time. You can make your request out loud or write it, think it, or view it. Everyone, with time, finds the right way to communicate with angels. Talk to them confidentially and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Angels love to play and the first signs they will send you will be feathers, coins, and hearts. Remember that what you want will not always happen. This does not mean that your prayers are not heard. The angels have a much wider vision than ours, they know the history of our soul and they know very well if something is for our good or not. It may happen that the thing we ask is not for our good, therefore we will not succeed in reach it.

Trust in the help of guardian angels and your life will change. But this will not happen as if by magic from one day to another. The angels will give you their help, they will show you the way and send you their signals, but then it will be up to you to face life from a different perspective, rediscovering your Divine essence, your talents, and your mission.

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