Tzaphkiel Archangel Power of Concrete Thinking

Tzaphkiel Archangel power of concrete thought prince of the Angel’s Thrones. Tzaphkiel dominates the constellation of Cancer his seat in the tree of life is the Sephira Binah, his name means God my truth-or-Vision of God.

Tzaphkiel (Tsade-Phe-Qof-Yod-Aleph-Lamed). In this name the crystallizing force of the Tsade generates the Phe sign of the Creative Word, capable of conceiving the Qof, that is a new Universe where the Yod, or active thought, acts as a guide.

Tzaphkiel Archangel Ordinator Of The Universe

Father of all material creations, of all cosmic solidifications and crystallizations. He is the Ordinator of the Universe in the double meaning of the term, the one who gives orders and puts them in order. He transforms the cosmic energies, with particular regard to those coming from the Sephira Hochmah, into Laws that govern the functioning of the Universe.

The same laws would require men to behave in conformity during embodied existence. However, a large part of humanity is unable to hear this voice and act in the interest of the whole. The simple non-observance of misunderstood norms thus causes reversals and setbacks in the life in progress but also projected into the lives to come.

Our present life follows on from previous incarnations and when the synthesis of what we have become returns to the threshold of a new incarnation, this Archangel determines the future rules of Life. And he establishes lines aimed at rectifying within our nature what is not in harmony with the cosmic, natural, logical, and rational Law.

He, therefore, grants each one the destiny space where the tragedies of the new life will be lived, facilitating the return to the divine law where this has been violated. His gifts are illumination, initiation, inner maturation.

Archangel Tzaphkiel institutes the Law, it also allows those who request it to understand the functioning of the cosmic machine. When he is summoned he will show the person how to act and show the direction to take and the true meanings of things.

Tzaphkiel Prayer

Great Tzaphkiel Archangel of the grace of God’s presence, protect me with your light with the gift of discernment and wisdom, so that humility and compassion are present in every moment of my existence.

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