Uriel Archangel gives freedom and happiness

Uriel the Archangel radiates his splendid golden yellow light of wisdom. This wonderful light is able to dissolve the lower frequencies and give freedom and happiness. When you feel that you are in complex, difficult, and tense situations, evoke it. Wherever possible, Uriel intercedes and works to bring peace.

The archangel Uriel is in fact at the head of a multitude of angels of peace. You can ask him to send these angels to all the places that you think need more peace. When you feel you need it, you can pray to Uriel to send yourself an angel of peace.

The angels of peace are very large and have the ability to envelop not only people but entire cities in peace. Their aura is a magnificent cream color. You can be of great help to humanity by sending them out loud or mentally, to the people or places that you think need them.

One of the symbols of the angels of peace is the dove. You can view it wherever there is a need for peace and light. When you suddenly see a dove approaching you, it means that it was sent by an angel of peace. Stop for a moment and fill your heart with peace and love. The Archangel will be with you.

When inside you feel the need to live in balance and harmony, invoke the archangel, Uriel. Uriel will help you understand what is the obstacle to your inner peace and he will help you to dissolve it. Then, your inner wisdom will naturally emerge and guide you towards a balanced and peaceful existence.

Uriel Prayer

My beloved archangel Uriel,
I ask you to wrap me in yours
splendid golden yellow light,
so that he can live now and forever
in peace. Thank you.

Peace spreads throughout the world when all people are in tune with the path of their souls. Summon Uriel and the angels of peace, be bearers of peace.


  1. Thank you, I am so very grateful for your messages. Today most of all is a day of grateful sorrow and I am blessed to have had my very good friend in my life. I will miss her beautiful face but I know her heart is in me always and forever

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