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Uriel Archangel spreads the light of God

Uriel Archangel helps us to discover the in each of us, to obtain the knowledge that sustains and heals, to decipher and interpret the messages of our inner voice. Uriel Archangel whose name means – the of – leads to humanity the knowledge and understanding of the . It is the most radiant and luminous of the angels, often depicted descending from the sky in a marvelous carriage drawn by white horses. It is also called the Flame of , the Angel of Presence or Salvation. He is also known as the Prince of and the interpreter of prophecy.

Uriel is the angel that sent to Noah to warn him of the flood. The Bible tells us that Uriel came down from a ray of the Sun to the Garden of Eden to watch over the entrance, holding a flaming sword in his hand. Uriel Archangel is the Angel of Repentance, which helps to understand the laws of karma, since it is assumed that we always collect what we have sown. Uriel helps us understand compassion and makes us aware of the fact that s each of us so much.

It is the Angel that helps us to amplify intelligence. It is often represented with the Flame of Knowledge in the open palm, a flame to which people can have access to obtain health and well-being. But when the knowledge offered is not used for charitable purposes, Uriel is charged with making us pay the price. It is he who reveals the meaning of things to us, helping us to trust in ’s plan, so that even when it seems to us that things are not going well, we can discover that in reality everything is for our good and our happiness.

The Archangel Uriel shows us how to interpret the messages of our inner voice and our dreams. Thanks to him we can better understand our profound nature and we can thus dare to take on many more responsibilities in this life, making the most of our latent potential. Uriel Archangel makes us discover our inner becoming bright as the sun, expressing the and beauty that animate the depths of our being.


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