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Uriel Archangel Govern the Month of September

Uriel Archangel governs the month of September, and the sign of Libra from September 24th to October 22nd. In the book of Enoch Uriel is mentioned as one of the four archangels who led Enoch on his journeys through heaven and hell. He is also said to have been the one who warned Noah of the imminent flood. Uriel is one of the four main angels, along with Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Uriel is identified as the Angel of death – Angel of the Great Council – Angel of Peace and as one of the Angels of the Earth.

Uriel is a powerful Angel, with a radiant disposition capable of dispelling all kinds of darkness. It is often depicted with a book or a papyrus scroll. Uriel Archangel is an angel of great wisdom with multiple possibilities and generous in bestowing his gifts, and is of immense help when our world is in turmoil. With the Prayer we can ask him to bring us inner peace, tranquility of spirit and renewal of hope.

It is particularly effective in getting us answers and solving problems. It helps us untangle the knots of anger and fear in our psyche. The Archangel Uriel illuminates our minds with information, ideas and wisdom. Whenever we are uncertain about a decision, we can invoke it to indicate the right choice. It is a valuable ally for freelancers, creatives, and all those who want to start their own business. Being also an Angel of the Earth, if invoked this powerful angel will come into action in case of tsunamis and earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks, serious accidents and so on.

Uriel and people personality traits

People are nonconformists, have a great sense of opportunity and are endowed with a strong humanitarian spirit. Generous, altruistic, do not like restrictions. They are easily recognizable by their original and eccentric way of speaking and dressing. They love the transformations and it will be those people called different from the group. Wise, intelligent, thirst for knowledge. With their quick thinking, they know how to establish contact with others through their strong extra-sensory perception. They value sincere friendships and understand everyone without criticism, even when they do not agree with their ideas. For a friendship they may become careless of the family, the spouse or the loved one. They consider that love, more than instinct or passion, is understanding. The best vehicles to get in touch with this Archangel are the crystals and the plants, which should always be kept nearby.

Uriel Prayer

Divine Archangel Uriel
Master of the World of Feelings,
fill my conscience
with positive experiences.
May my burning heart be the mirror
between Divine Love and the Land.
May I fulfill my mission,
to convey this feeling,
for all mankind,
of my own free will.


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