Vasariah Guardian Angel Born August 29 to Sept. 2

Vasariah transmits with force and vigor the energies of Jupiter (wealth, well-being, joy) in the interiority of people under his divine . By its very nature it manifests its with greater intensity and can help us substantially. Since daily exterior is but the concrete image of our inner reality, turning to the of Vasariah Guardian Angel will orientate towards fortunate situations. Statistically this is the most frequent Guardian Angel among the ful of the Earth.

In fact, the says that Vasariah grants favors and advantages to Kings and Presidents of State, and in general moves energies connected to ful characters. Vasariah gives the human will the to arouse desires, its lunar also increases the creative of water, bringing greater strength, that is, additional intensity to emotions. The of Vasariah manifests itself very strongly in the context of disputes in which one of the two contenders is wrong.

Who is right can stand under his protection to see his reasons recognized, while those who are wrong can do the same to reach an agreement with the opposing party. Vasariah is in fact successfully invoked in relation to all legal cases, disputes of any kind, enmities and rancor: it brings peace and harmony, attributing to everyone the amount due. It is therefore not surprising that you dominate the world of justice and exercise your on lawyers and magistrates. And it is in fact considered to be the angel of the orators and men of justice.

Whoever is under this will be kind, spiritual and modest. You will have excellent memory and speak any language with ease. You will be a great scholar and your rich in experiencing everything a little. He wants everyone, regardless of race, creed or culture, to be worthy of the same opportunities of . Your watchword is to respect to be respected. He has the gift of speech and the ability to speak in public, being invincible when speaking to superiors, in defense of the less fortunate. Overcoming obstacles is only part of your struggle, for in order to have a full you should always keep your balance internally. His appearance, often austere, only shows the great responsibility he will have towards his fellow men, against those who act in bad faith. He will be an active warrior of his guardian angel, taking quick action and never postponing his decisions.

Vasariah Prayer – Psalm 30:4 Quia rectum est verbum Domini, et omnia opera eius in fide

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