Vav He Vav 1st Name of God in Kabbalah

He Time – How to renew the past. When we want to eliminate the crimes of the past to eliminate their painful from our lives and from the lives of others, He offers us an ingenious mechanism for time . Forget the pill of your medicine, this flight takes place at the soul level. Science says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; for every cause there is an effect. However, in the physical world there is always a time interval between an action and its result.

Time is the distance between cause and effect.
Time is the space between crime … and the consequence.
Time is the gap between good deeds and dividends.
The time between cause and effect can be ten minutes, ten days, ten months or even ten lives. However, the of our behavior come back to us completely. We mistakenly believe that the good is not rewarded, that remains unpunished and that in life there is no real justice. Because the memory of our positive and negative fades with time, and when the finally appear, we see them as simple random events. Moreover, vulgar words have also set in motion the principle of cause and effect.

So how do we get back to the original cause before its appear in our lives?

The technology for this exists in this exceptional name. Long ago, the kabbalists claimed that time was possible. Today quantum physics is recognizing that time is at least possible in theory. However, Kabbalah does not say that we will back in time physically to meet face to face with ourselves. This is an intriguing concept, but in this case we reach a much more fascinating than the idea of ​​having lunch with ourselves somewhere in the past.

What is this ?

Awaken remorse in your heart with the bad deeds of the past.
Accept the sincere spiritual truth that the problems of your life are the result of past . The concentration on the name He
at this time he will extract the negative seeds you have already planted. In doing so, transform your past, reform your present and secure a future full of joy and satisfaction.

He Psalm 3: 4 But you, O Lord, are a shield around me, you are my glory, he who lifts my head.


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