Vehuel 49 Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Vehuel 49th Kabbalah Angel urges joy, expansion, more authentic tolerance in understanding the unity between us and every other being and thing. Vehuel qualities are generosity of spirit, availability to others, moral values, acute and sensitive personality, joy, friendship, altruism, tolerance, ability to grasp beauty everywhere and also to reconcile the contestants. It gives success in the fields of jurisprudence, literature, teaching and diplomacy. Give protection from theft and accidents. The Angel of the Abyss contrary to the divine works of Vehuel represents selfishness and greed. It inspires hatred, selfishness, self-centeredness, hypocrisy, intolerance, despotism, cruelty, abuse of power.

Vehuel Meditation – Happiness

According to the Kabbalah this meditation helps us to discern and to know how to choose between momentary pleasure and lasting happiness. This process can go through phases of renunciation, whose real purpose is to lead us to understand the real needs of our soul. Which remain hidden under the superficial impulses, which tend towards the most ephemeral egoisms and fulfillments. A warning that gladdens the truth that our soul reaches joy only when our life tunes in with its highest aspirations.

Now concentrating your vision on the meaning of the Name Vehuel, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting yourself be deeply permeated by its meaning, pronounce this prayer: I find the strength to dissipate my selfish feelings: for the energy of this Name I ask and I get that which my soul really needs, not what my ego thinks it wants. My soul expands, I feel I deeply appreciate everything that life offers me and I feel filled with happiness.

Vehuel 49th Kabbalah Angel – Spiritual Energies

Love – The angel will stimulate the advent of a new spring in your

heart. You will live a happy and harmonious period as you have not known often in your existence. The ancient loves will revive and the new ones will be bearers of beauty of renewal inspiration.

Money – A new stabilization is required to stabilize. This attitude will avoid a crisis. Do not listen to advisors who will not be paying.

Health – Vehuel 49th Kabbalah Angel protects the lumbar vertebrae. Recovery of the soul form: recognizing the different conditionings that weigh on you. To be freed, you will have to become a docile instrument of the guardian angel, to act with love.

Career – Great success in difficult jobs. You are the bearer of wisdom wisdom and techniques that you will be able to put into practice. If the doors close in front of

you wait ….. they will open, incessantly. If the way is free, invest all your creative strength in it.

Esoteric Initiation – It is through art and the loves that light will flow into you. In addition to performing an artistic action, invoking the angel before going to sleep will allow you to receive precise information from him about the results you will get and the moment you get them.

Vehuel 49th Kabbalah Angel is the Birth Angel of anyone born between 23 and 27 November. Other days in which Vehuel is present are:
May 9
July 23
October 5
December 16
February 25
Every day from 16.00pm to 16.20pm

Fire Element
Zodiac position from the 1st to the 5th grade of the Sagittarius sign

Through the prayer to this Angel it is possible to obtain: a keen and sensitive personality the possibility of acquiring a prominent personality in the field of literature of literature and diplomacy.


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