Vehuel meaning, God who magnifies and elevates

Vehuel meaning, God who magnifies and elevates. The elevation is the daughter of greatness. Greatness is the purity of the heart and soul. The elevation is the greatness that comes out of itself e
cast a watchful eye on the world and beings. Who develops this
gift does not delight in himself, rather he lives in attention for
what surrounds him, bringing help where needed.

The name of Vehuel meaning is taken from Psalm 145 verse 3: Great is theĀ Lord, and greatly to be praised, and hisĀ greatness is unsearchable. This Bible verse is the traditional prayer with which everyone can request the presence of this guardian angel in their life.

Vehuel meaning according to Kabbalah

Angelic Hierarchy – Principalities Angels
Vehuel Angel 49 of the Kabbalah
Guardian angel for those born between 23 and 27 November
Element – Fire
Zodiacal domicile – from 1st to 5th of Sagittarius
Angelic Essence – Elevation
Developed qualities – altruism, tolerance, the ability to see beauty everywhere, generosity of soul, moral values.
Defects canceled – hatred, self-centeredness, intolerance.

Ruled Days
May 9 – July 23 – October 5 – December 16 – February 25.
From 04.00 pm to 04.20 pm


Vehuel Exhortation

Thanks to me you will get Elevation and Greatness.
I am always close to the Sun, close to all that is high.
Talk about Me to all those who live in darkness, give them the desire for Greatness, the desire to leave the daily routine; if they are willing and aware, take them by the hand and make them ascend to My Throne of Light and Happiness.

Vehuel angel It intensifies the sensory perceptions and around people born in this period everything shines. The sight, hearing, touch, smell, the taste will be so acute that these people will praise and bless the Creator! The person will be able to develop multiple abilities and virtues, he will be appreciated and loved everywhere.

Not only for his talent but also thanks to the providential help that the Angel will give him. He will be very generous and those around him will feel protected by his presence. The divine influence makes people who are in affinity with him integrate into the life of the individual, the person assimilates, incorporates friends into his own essence.

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