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Vehuel Guardian Angel Born November 23 to 27

Vehuel is defined as the most sublime and exalted angel, the one that unites, fuses and interpenetrates the pleasures of Heaven and Earth. It intensifies the sensorial perceptions and creates splendor, physical and moral, around the people who rely on him, who are seductive and able to touch the heart. Vehuel makes the Humans discover the beauty of the Divine Order; but for this to happen, it promotes the alliance between those who resemble each other, so that, once they are reunited, they can build together a new society based on common joy.

His births, therefore, assimilate, incorporate friends to their essence, because Vehuel Guardian Angel is the angel of perfect friendship. She is also an angel of consolation, to be invoked whenever our spirit is sad and displeased, for our personal disturbances or for compassion for the tribulations of the world, to receive comfort and hope.

Whoever is born under this influence will be distinguished by his talents and virtues; his great generosity can be seen through his aura. It will be esteemed by all good people who possess the same qualities and virtues. A faithful performer of noble causes, he encourages people, through his example, to follow his good deeds. Fight for good and glorify God. He will be loved by the Divinity for his ease in forgiving the mistakes of others, whoever he may be. Always judge wisely. With a sense of humor you can criticize, without arrogance, what you perceive in people. It will be innovative, impartial, dynamic and intelligent, although individualistic.

Because of your great depth of mind, you will find it easy to express yourself with people of any class. It becomes more stable after marriage and your family will be united and harmonious. Physically slender and elegant, intellectually open and refined; people may find it “difficult” to carry. It will have social recognition, which it sees as proof that life is only hard for those who do not know how to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them. Endowed with great moral virtue, he does not like people who lack their commitments. His earthly maturation spiritualizes and ennobles his character.

Vehuel Prayer – Psalm 145:3 Magnus Dominus et laudabilis nimis, et magnitudinis eius non est investigatio


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