Virgin Mary and St. Joseph Money Prayer

Virgin Mary and St. Joseph Money Prayer. For believers, faith is the most important means of listening and changing one’s destiny. Despite the teachings, they teach us to label the desire for money as an evil from which we must desist. Many are looking for prayers to get money and find some serenity. Asking to solve economic problems, to be able to live a quiet life, without thoughts and difficulties, is not a sin. This is why the Catholic Church itself accepts and promotes some prayers to get money.

The following is a very beautiful prayer addressed to the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. This prayer helped many people who lived in extreme conditions to regain their dignity. To be recited in the morning and evening.

In the name of the Father, the Son
and of the Holy Spirit, Amen

I (your name)
I address you, St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary,
foundation of the Christian family,
What many sacrifices you have lived and
You have seen so much pain in your life.
But never have you abandoned love for your son,
And always close in prayer
You have found and given strength
To those who trusted you.
Also give me the strength to be reborn,
Give me some help.
Please let me get the money

To solve my economic problems.
Feel my pain, welcome it and console me
I trust in You (make the sign of the cross three times)
I (your name)
I find my strength in Jesus, your son
As he always had you at his side,
So I ask to be supported
In the fulfillment of my need for
(what you need, such as paying debts,
buy a house etc.)
My cry for help comes to you
And I trust in your benevolence.
(make the sign of the cross three times).

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