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Virtues Angels Choir in Angelic Hierarchy

Virtues Angels are responsible for maintaining the order of the universe, they are responsible for eliminating obstacles if they oppose the fulfillment of God’s orders. They are the virtues of the angels who drive away the evil angels who harass people to divert them from their walk, and therefore have a great capacity to transmit divine energy. The main attributes of the Virtues Angels are purity and royalty. According to Dionysus, they are masters of immovable virility and power, always trying to mirror themselves at the source of all virtues and to transmit them to their inferiors. They are the angels associated with miracles so they are often invoked as heroes.

Virtues Angels are responsible for guiding people on their mission on earth. They help us understand our karma and live life well through our mission. They are also very strong and powerful against diseases of the body and the soul. They as defenders of the mineral kingdom are invoked by people who wish to build spiritual or physical fortitude. Those who suffer from physical or spiritual weaknesses should pray for the help and protection of a holy Angel from the Virtues choir.

Raphael Prince of the Virtues Angels

The prince of virtues is Raphael the only angel who has the power to heal. He received from God the balm for all the human pain that restores the health and strength of those who invoke Raphael.

Virtues Angels are: Hahahel, Mikael, Veuliah, Yelaiah, Sealiah, Ariel, Asaliah and Mihael. They protect very critical and introspective people, who need to evaluate everything they are going to do mentally. They are those people considered systematic, pragmatic, extremely organized and realistic. They are not very emotional, but when they are attached to someone they are affectionate, delicate and kind, and in particular they love to make surprises. To live well, they must be in quiet environments without many complications.


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