We are like seeds in the dark land

We are like seeds in the dark land waiting for spring. These are strange times, the world keeps turning, and we stand still. Nature reclaims its space while we are experiencing an inner winter longer than usual.

We are making the journey of the top that turns on itself. Maybe we’ve been pulling too hard lately. The world continues to turn and it is humanity that now stops. Maybe he is waiting for his spring, maybe we are all waiting for our spring.

We are like seeds waiting to blossom

We are closed inside, not in our homes, but inside us. There we meet the shadow, our dark sides, our impulses, our fears. What we are facing now is a psychological winter, a period in which this time it is not nature that stops, but us.

We are closed inside, as the life force of the seed is closed in its shell buried in the dark earth. Our seed is our home, we are the life force pressing to blossom from within, but we cannot. Not yet.

At the same time there is a life force within us that we often don’t listen to because the world makes too much noise. Because our mind is lost in a thousand thoughts, and that wonderful force remains closed and suffocated, ignored, nobody listens to it. His gift remains buried in the shadows and risks never blossoming.

Too many times we lead frustrating and unhappy lives because we don’t listen to them. Why don’t we allow this force, this numinous spark to come out? Perhaps the world now pushes us to live on our skin what it means to want to go out and be forced to stay inside a shell that protects us, of course, but at the same time makes us feel locked up and blocked.

Our spring is also coming and it forces us to make a choice. Accept it and stripped of resistance, accept the lessons this great crisis is bringing us, or try to hold back what is getting out of hand, fight to maintain a situation that will never be the same.

We are like seeds in the earth, nothing will return to the way it was before

As a butterfly cannot return to its chrysalis, it is important to understand that every great crisis helps us to evolve and change. Clinging to what we have known will risk causing us great pain. That is why it will be more useful to observe the nature that surrounds us.

That nature that we have mistreated and that despite everything lends us a hand. And treasure everything he is teaching us now to help clarify why it is within us that our greatest power resides.

We are like seeds, it is not an easy time for anyone

It is certainly a black page in the history of the world, in the personal history of each of us, but in this darkness, we can find our light, our value. We can grasp what we are experiencing and give it a sense, a meaning.

We can channel our fears, our insecurities and start from them to understand who we really are. We can start from all this to rebuild ourselves in a healthier way, finally healed from the old wounds, from the old ways of thinking that created a system that is collapsing on us.

This is the ideal time to allow us to be silent within ourselves and observe ourselves, listen to us. We can do it with kindness, patience, with compassion towards us. Accepting our shortcomings, our mistakes, our difficulties, our emotions.

We can accept to be afraid, to feel vulnerable, to be angry and sad, we can also welcome the hope and serenity that emerge in us, without guilt.

We can stop fighting ourselves and surrender to our humanity, let go of the illusion of perfection. The mental image that sucks our energies and at the same time pushes us in a mad rush towards the abyss.

Spring is waiting for our humanity to sprout, we prove that we are capable. We can transform our shadow no longer into prison but into the nourishment of the wonder that is called to blossom within us.

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