We see reality only through the Light

We see based on our prejudices, our selfishness, our fears, the fear of not being up to the moment of life to face and we do not realize that reality is made up of other aspects that however remain hidden.

The present before us is highly compromised in the vision of its most important details, only with the Light of the Holy Spirit can we see it as it is!

We base our life on a vision very far from reality, accustomed as we are to be satisfied with the deep mists that surround us, we do not realize that beyond the blanket of the same there is a world to be discovered.

What happens is affected by the alteration of our vision of reality, so the consequences of our choices are not useful for our personal growth.

We live as if we were idling, rarely taking important steps for the deep knowledge of our being and its self-correction.

We live by making our productive choices of actions with a deep confusion about what is the reality that surrounds us, as we are almost completely taken by the distraction of our inner fears.

We, therefore, live as if we were not free to see reality clearly, as if we were in the dark without an intensity of light useful for discerning what happens to us.

All this often happens without our awareness, so is it good that we ask ourselves where we are going?
Where are we headed?
Are we going the right way?
That is, do we know where we put our feet for each step (choice) we take?
Or maybe we need light, a lot of light because we are almost totally in the dark?

The sun gives the light in the world of materiality, God one and triune, through the Holy Spirit gives us light in the world of our external but above all internal perception, fundamental for our rational knowledge of reality. So it is essential to ask the Lord God to send us his ray of light and keep it fixed before us.

This post was published on June 7, 2020 11:52 am


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