Welcome the angels into your home


Welcome the angels, you decide the energy present in your home. Negative thoughts make your aura dim, positive thoughts strengthen it. It is enough even to think or speak to an angel or an archangel, for your aura to be charged with its energy and shine again.

A great way to strengthen the aura is to let angels into your homes. You can make your home attractive to the angels by taking a few small steps.

Fill your home with colors, scents, and flowers. You can make it brighter by decorating the walls with colorful paintings or pictures representing seascapes, animals, children, and angels. Light up the house with rugs, cushions, and curtains in soft and delicate colors.

Welcome the angels, purify your home

Often opening windows to let in fresh, clean air. Purify all environments by lighting an incense stick, ring the bells in every room. Clap your hands to remove any negative energy stuck to the walls of your rooms.

Tidy up the space, clean, and throw away everything you no longer need. Eliminate all books that emanate a negative vibration from your libraries. Purchase small-leaved plants, such as ferns, which can change negative energies.

Create an angelic altar. Choose a corner of your home where you feel safe and protected and place yourself candles, crystals, shells, bells and statues, and paintings of angels, archangels, and Ascended Masters. If you take some time out every day to light a candle and say a prayer, you can attract angels.

Welcome the angels, meditate and pray

Before your altar of angels, fill the house with angelic music. Relaxing music brings peace and harmony and is very popular with angels, as well as the sound of bells, crystals, and Tibetan bells.

Angels love harmonious and joyful places. Do what you can to fill your home with joy and smiles. Sing beautiful songs or sacred songs, make the house attractive to them. Chant the name of God, repeat the angelic mantras. Be loving with yourself and with others, eliminate the negativity, pray, sing, meditate and the angels will come into your homes.

The angels are light and light always defeats the darkness

But no one can tear you out of the darkness if you don’t want to. It is imperative to ask the angels for help to allow them to intervene.

Your guardian angel can help you find the confidence to move forward. He will draw your attention to the bright aspects of your existence.

Angels know the therapeutic power of good humor and if they see you sad, they will do all they can to make you laugh. Do your best to take advantage of all opportunities for a healthy laugh. When you laugh your aura is strengthened, shines, and is able to fight the darkness.

For some, being sad can become a habit. If you find that you are inclined to have this attitude, ask the angels to help you react and change.

Often we human beings are more inclined to sense the presence and to perceive the messages of a loved one who is no longer there. In case of need, the angels can ask a loved one to come back to help, support, and be close to you.

Another way to find comfort is to pray. Prayer releases very powerful energy in all circumstances and can prove to be of great comfort in moments of sadness.

Welcome Prayer to rediscover the joy of living

Lord, please take the sadness away from me.
Pour your light upon me so that I can shine again.

Send your angels to my aid, to give me courage and strength
to start feeling the joy in my life again.


Choose to enjoy the little things around you and to fully enjoy every moment of your life. In moments of despair, pray. The angels are the light and if you let yourselves be enveloped by their love, you will be light yourself and you will be able to fight against darkness and sadness.