Angels of wisdom stand guard over the gates of Heaven

Angels of wisdom stand guard over the gates of Heaven, they watch with the symbolic eye of omniscience. Let the beings that have revealed their true nature, the divine Self, pass into the heavenly worlds. They are represented with a candle in their hands symbolizing divine knowledge. The angels of wisdom bring wisdom into our lives. These angels help us to discover and deepen our state of wisdom.

Wisdom presupposes a harmoniously integrated general conception through intuition, on the world, on man, on his position in the universe, and the reality of the existence of God. This also implies a knowledge of the moral values ​​of the divine good:
of the ultimate truth
of perfect beauty
of purity of mind
of love
of respect for oneself and others
of unconditional love for God, and also an unshakeable faith by these principles and values.

Wisdom is an expression of profound knowledge and full self-mastery. Of a permanent guide in life according to universally valid divine principles, which do not contradict common sense and creative intelligence. With the help of the angels of wisdom, we can know the profound meanings of the events that happen to us. They spread divine wisdom in the whole universe, giving unity and meaning to all manifestations.

When we meditate on our life experiences, when we analyze them with discernment trying to understand the profound spiritual sense, we will discover in our being the state of wisdom, which will help us to keep the right path to God. We will then discover that the wisdom of all the teachings ancient is part of our consciousness that guides us permanently and we will thus obtain harmony and inner peace.

The sacred texts affirm that wisdom is worth much more than gold because without it we will not be able to resist the negative forces that subject us to tests and trials to distance us from the path to God. The ancient civilizations respected and honored the wise men who had fully revealed their divine nature. The presence and the luminous manifestation of these essays have allowed men to see the truth and follow the path that leads to spiritual realization.

Let us pray to these angels who open the way of wis-dom in our being because with their help we can make the best decisions concerning our existence. We ask the angels of wisdom to show us how we can make sense of our life experiences, profoundly revealing to us the true nature of things. In this way, we will bring happiness and security into our lives, because these angels help us to find the way back to God.

Angels Meditation

Wisdom comes from the depth of my experiences

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