Wise women the emotional legacy of our grandmothers

Wise women our grandmothers, even if time has forgotten them, even if the world now sounds out of tune to their ears and their tired eyes. Their emotional legacy will be passed down from generation to generation in the knowledge that they enter within. How do the bond of love and the whispered words pamper us before going to sleep? In the advice, in the smiles that communicate worlds without having to say a word.

Wise women wear a thousand lives for every year they turn, they know more about self-help than self-help books. And they retain that essence that does not taste of time or modernity because it is the wisdom of courage and unconditional love that asks for nothing in return, that enriches and protects.

The invisible bond of wise women

It is usually said that grandmothers are the most skilled craftswomen of that knowledge that are passed on without the need for words.
We often observe them when they lock themselves up in their precise rituals, in ordering their things, in taking care of our clothes.

In preparing the food that triumphs over those delicious dishes, in braiding their white hair every morning, and then collecting them in a bun that they fix with careful precision. In each of these movements the years of practice are hidden, but also the silence of the emotions of a whole life that are preserved in every gesture in every small movement.

Because in reality, we will never know all the secrets they lived in their youth, the crying pains or the disappointments swallowed like cold river rocks. Because now it doesn’t matter, because time has passed, and it has certainly healed the wounds.

They passed on to their daughters their knowledge about life, which speaks of courage and truth and which spread over time. In love we must be cautious, the heart in love must not be given to those who do not deserve it. There is pain that is best kept to oneself and happiness must be proudly displayed, because it is personal triumphs that make a woman beautiful.

The education of wise women

Experts say raising children is not the same as raising grandchildren. In this case, grandmothers take a less strict, but at the same time meaningful position. There is no longer the pressure of guiding the steps of children with daily effort, with that eagerness to overcome that leads them to always put others before themselves.

Grandchildren are the gift of their own blood and a renewed tribute to their lives. People love unconditionally by letting their children adopt a guiding role, set limits, to risk making mistakes every day in raising their children.

Grandmothers, on the other hand, represent the figure of a tree that offers its roots to grandchildren and the balance of an affection that is never shaken by storms and that makes no difference between vacation days and school days.

There is always something sweet in the oven, there is always a chair on which to sit in front of a window from which to look at the sky, the clouds, and listen to a thousand stories from the past that we will always remember with love.

The transgenerational heritage of grandmothers, of those courageous women with a sincere gaze, often speaks of resilience. In fact, it doesn’t matter how old you are to understand the meaning of those words spoken when you look at the face of those women, while they frame our face with their hands.

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