Woman, I want you beautiful, free, and crazy

Woman, neither submissive nor devoted, I want you beautiful, free, and crazy, this sentence still remains today one of the most beautiful ever pronounced on the female gender. Unfortunately, today it is still necessary to remember this, and we cannot deny that we still have a long way to go so that everyone understands and puts this phrase into practice.

It is not a question of being a man or a woman, but of having respect for the world and for all the people who inhabit it. Let’s leave aside the stereotypes that lead one to think that a woman should only exploit her body, ignore her needs, and sacrifice herself for others until exhaustion.

It is essential to stop feeding the idea of ​​women as a person who must please others, without expectations or personal needs. We have to take back our identity, take off that mask that we sometimes wear alone, and reclaim our right to live our lives as we see fit.

The non-submissive woman, far from domination

As the Spanish writer, Alicia Giménez Bartlett argues – today’s women don’t need anyone to support them. But the truth is that being a woman in a world that sometimes seems tailor-made for men isn’t always easy, because some ideas are rooted within us and cause us to fall into prejudice.

The heroic journey of female life

Men and women are equal in their condition as unique and independent people. Yet patriarchy is present in our society in an infinity of gestures, words, images, values, ideas, and beliefs that fuel the submission of women on a physical and emotional level.

However, today millions of men and women struggle to remind us that equality must not be taken for granted and that it is not granted to everyone. To remind us that it is not our differences that determine who deserves more or less respect, more or less affection.

It cannot be denied, however, that women still carry a huge burden on their shoulders today. A symbolic burden, which legitimizes some speeches and which imposes a meaning on every behavior that a woman assumes.

Living submissive because of the beliefs of a society that has not yet become aware of the enormous daily inequality. The drama of violence against women or the objectification of the female body makes us vulnerable to problems such as extreme anxiety, depression, addictions of various kinds, inability to adapt, etc.

For this reason, the best defense is to generate common feelings, to take on more weight in the outside world. We must stop believing that the only legitimate bond we have is that of the family. No woman should be forced to sacrifice her identity for someone else, not even for the people she loves.

Let’s stop feeling guilty, let’s stop not trusting our worth and our abilities. Let’s stop not giving ourselves time to relax, ignore our feelings, feel obliged to please others, to always be beautiful, to re-enter the prototype of the woman they sold us.

Instead, we seek freedom and personal identity, leaving aside the stereotype of female identity. We do not assume that we have to do certain things, take certain positions, have certain expectations or opinions simply because we were born women. We have to be free, crazy, and beautiful, from the bottom of our hearts, like any man, like any person.

Dedicated to all Women

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