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Yehuiah Guardian Angel Born September 3 to 7

Yehuiah dispenses the gift of subordination because the agreement it grants is the capacity to subordinate the personal good. Knowing how to renounce their own comforts and privileges for a high cause or for the good of others, while facing hardship and deprivation. According to traditional texts, Yehuiah protects worthy and honest princes, assists everything that is highest in us. This idea of ​​protection also includes work, meaning that its energy will induce us to work for the Prince we carry within us, so that our lower instincts obey him: that is, to force them into subordination. Yehuiah Angel introduces our intellectual ego to the concepts of rigor, effort and discipline. Everything will be considered as a competition, a tournament. Yehuiah Guardian Angel urges us to the conquest of Truth, but he does it through arduous and uneven paths.

It is not unusual for people to first pass through experiences of disorder, in which – instead of dominating – they are dominated by events that force them to suffer, or to make considerable efforts, without anything being given to them, except the support of sincere friends. The person protected by Yehuiah may be the great intellectual worker, who by virtue of arithmetical operations, corrections and corrections, will come to the knowledge of the True. And it will be an authentic individual achievement, the fruit of commitment and self-denial. Moreover this Angel makes sure that the people to whom we grant the title of friends are very active, curious, rigorous; to say things in explicit terms will be their specific peculiarities, and the more things are clear, the more solid the friendship will be.

Such friends will be the engine that will drive the individual to work. Friends will be the tools (or guardians) able to correct what in our life will not work in the right way; from them we will receive the strength of will, of decision, apt to free ourselves from our perversities and to lead us back to the Way of the Law. Indeed, through the feeling of friendship, Yehuiah plays an extremely operational role. It is therefore necessary to pray cultivating through it the value of friendship above all. Precisely as an angel of friendship, Yehuiah also helps to discover the deceptions, the traitors, the machinations against us. If invoked then gives the capacity for discernment and a subtle intuition that allows the individual to intuit precisely if people are sincere. In this way he protects against lies and prevents us from giving them faith by falling into the traps of the wicked.

Yehuiah Prayer – Psalm 32:10


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