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Yeialel Angel Healing Prayer (abdomen, spleen, liver)

Yeialel Angel, God who protects during the battle! Lord arms mine arm with your Justice. My heart wants to be true to your intent. He removes sadness and pain from me and from my neighbors. Yeialel Angel have been looking for you since the eternity of my lives, to purify myself in diaphanousness, in your translucent, crystalline, transparent clarity. Lord feel the restless beat of my disoriented heart in search of your cause. In Te Yeialel I will be able to find the weapons of victory that will lead me to a life in harmony with your Law. Today still defeated and unhappy I ride the horse of my bitterness. Relieve my melancholy Lord! The pain of my tribulations condemns my body to illness and my soul suffers karma woven with the thread of my mistakes and my faults.

Goaded, stimulated, whipped by my anger, O Eternal, I have mobilized my inner warriors to launch them to conquer ephemeral and provisional material goods. Imprudent and naive as I was because of my uncontrolled passions, I caused unrest around me. I raised my hand against your principles, violated the pacts with my brothers. I have freed the evil man asleep at the bottom of my inner depths; I sowed desolation instead of understanding and affection. In this path sad and bitter, lost, dismayed, dazed, I finally found you. Aware of having lost this inglorious war, I live in the company of the bitter defeat, I die burning with a pain that devours me.

I want to go back to the beginning, to you, Yeialel Angel. Lord wipes my tears I ask you comfort and consolation, heal my wounds, erase my faults. Make me a knight of your divine spiritual troop, give me back my original strength, that which your armies possess, so that I may go further and further on my new path. Never again will I bring discord around me. I will always defend your rules and your precepts with courage and sincerity. I will build in me a temple worthy of You and Your Holy Name, Yeialel will be my shield. It will protect a heart that wishes to live in Your justice. Your sword will now be the weapon of my thought and never a devastating iron, make me a knight of justice, at the service of God and my neighbor, champion of the victory of Providence, of Good, of Peace and of Happiness.

I will undress my rags, deceptive frills, and wear the garment of Your Light. I will wash the filthy evil that sticks to my skin to the fountains that I will encounter on Your paths, to the sources of miraculous water that cleans and heals. I will fight with courage and fury with strength the old dragon that I once nurtured and that still holds me in its dark and destructive jaws. Yeialel hears my prayer Lord. The outcome of my spiritual bet depends on your sublime goodness. Enlighten me with Your divine lights, so that I may be a fervent partner in Your divine projects, which are also mine. Protect me or Eternal … from myself.


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