Yeiazel Guardian Angel Born October 9 to 13

Yeiazel Guardian Angel has characteristics of masculine energies, it astrologically rules from the 15th to the 20th degree of the sign of Libra, the dominant element Air. Yeiazel is the 8th of the Angels Powers. The Angel Yeiazel collaborates and works with the energies of Mars linked to the Archangel Camael where he rules with the lunar energies.

Known as the Angel of Comfort, Yeiazel Guardian Angel is in charge of stimulating our sentimental and emotional activities, giving respectively to those born in these days.

April 30 – works
July 14 – scriptures
September 26 – conviviality
December 7 – serve
February 16 – fame

Yeiazel, as Guardian Angel of the Missions in the 20 minutes of the Birth is in charge of stimulating our thoughts and mental activities by donating to those born from 01.00 pm to 01.20 pm – rebirth and creativity.

Yeiazel Angel of Comfort

Understood as the attitude of consoling, giving support, indicating a way out, and the hope of a new day for the next. The Angel has the task of freeing us from everything that tyrannizes, oppresses, persecutes, imprisons the body and soul. He instills the courage to take the first steps necessary to walk confidently towards new horizons.

In summary, the prodigious activity of the Guardian Angel Yeiazel influences with his essence, his virtues and powers, all his protégés, and anyone who asks him for support, in the days and minutes of his presence.

  • Ability to master passion and very intense energies
  • Ability to console and support.
  • Ability to lighten one’s soul and that of others, freeing from anxieties and oppression.
  • Lovable character. Sincerity.
  • The tendency to have multiple interests. Creativity and originality.
  • Inspiration to writers and artists, so that they can communicate what they themselves have learned.

Yeiazel Guardian Angel cancels the flaws of his shadow Angel he represents.

  • Pessimism, bitterness, self-doubt.
  • Loneliness, ruin desolation, and all the negative qualities of the spirit and soul.
  • Sadness and the tendency to live isolated from others out of hatred or distrust of them.

Yeiazel PrayerPsalm 88 verse 15

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