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Yerathel Guardian Angel Born August 2 to 6

Yerathel dominates the spread of culture and civilization. Yerathel Guardian Angel effectively expresses the gifts and powers of the center to which it belongs. It can be said that he radiates the creative powers of the Seraphim Angels, the wisdom love of the Cherubim Angels, the legal capacity of the Thrones Angels and that of organizing new worlds. To invoke it means to immediately resolve all the possible problems of personal, political and social order. He responds promptly, like receiving people open arms to grant them peace, comfort and fulfillment of hopes. Yerathel gives success in the literary field, winning in judicial proceedings, peaceful and peaceful relations with his neighbors and with people in general. It grants optimism, joy and all the superior virtues that lead to success in various fields: from love to business and money, from social prestige to spirituality.

Confuse those who use slander to harm them, making them harmless or charging the price of their sins. Yerathel is also the bearer of divine forgiveness: he definitively passes the sponge on the past and opens up new perspectives (a characteristic of healing also typical of the Archangel Raphael, very connected to this angel). The person will thus be able to become one of his peers who opens up new horizons and moves things in the right direction. Those lucky enough to have him as a Guardian Angel can consider themselves in a favorable incarnation because this benevolent energy has been deserved.

Whoever is born under this influence of this angel is intelligent and balanced. He can balance his individual instincts by accepting, without necessarily following them, the counsels and demonstrations of affection of all. Has strong initiative and perseverance, his life clear and full of joy, sustains a noble and refined appearance. It will have protection against any kind of negative force and its power of action is invincible. It will do everything in a lucid and thoughtful way, so your initiatives often lead you to success. You will have an enormous capacity to know the future, whether through the oracles, dreams, projections, constantly re-evaluating your attitudes. He will be a defender of the sciences and the arts and will mobilize a large number of people for an ideal. It will be a harmonious being with full vision and understanding of the world.

Yerathel Prayer – Psalm 139:2 Eripe me, Domine, ab homine malo, a viro violentiate serva me


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