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Yezalel Guardian Angel Born May 21 to 25

Yezalel unites the of Uranus with the of the Sun. Bringing to the consciousness of the a message of to others and the perception of not being alone. Through the energy of the the is strongly driven to seek and . is also to be understood as in our double androgynous ality. (the interiority in which our masculine and feminine unite) and also as a attainable in a balanced relationship of couple. In which the masculine-feminine is represented by two people of different gender. However assorted in order to combine their complementary .

Yezalel Guardian animates the powerful desire to form with the other to achieve the highest progress. creates order, and beauty. The individual helped by Yezalel will act to unite what is superior with what is inferior, it will be a source of love for all those around him. He can be a great unifier in the family, society, peoples, countries. By the influence of this , the will intensify his Love for wisdom and for all that is noble and great. The moral, the real one, will represent for him the rule to follow, shining and shining. The circumstances of life can thus lead him if he wishes to be also a moral model to follow.

Anyone born under this influence has a prodigious memory, a perfect intellectuality, and a great capacity to understand everything logically, even mystical or religious matters. He will always fight for the of the family, preserving . Producer of great reconciliations will be famous and recognized for his work. He will have ideas involving comm work, related to the creation of institutions in defense of the family.

You will be faithful in the demonstration of love to one . Your great ability to accept life as it is, without ever complaining about anything, will make you always surrounded by friends whom you understand and do not judge. He will be a profound connoisseur of himself, a born philosopher. Your spiritual body works perfectly.

Psalm 94:8 Jubilate Deo omnis terra: erumpite, exultate et psallite


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