Yod Lamed Yod, I rise among those who see

Yod Lamed Yod, among the many meanings of this Name of God there is also – I make myself heard in the assembled assembly. And it is another way of describing the task that people influenced by this Name have given themselves in coming into the world. That is to be the leader, in all senses, starting with your body. They identify with their own intelligence and therefore consider emotions, instincts, and feelings as a set of factors upon which to impose an iron guide.

These people are leaders in their relationships with others, in the most traditional sense of the term, too rational, methodical, cautious, lucid, logical. So those around them know how useful it is to be able to count on a person of such high intelligence. May he be able to speak very clearly and illuminate in all circumstances what not everyone knows how to see.

Yod Lamed Yod will become the leader

Ambition is an emotional mania, and they certainly do not allow themselves to be dominated by it, because it is simply right and reasonable that this is the case. Intelligence can only look from top to bottom at the ways in which other people are always lost in the emotional sentimental mists. It is useless to hide the evidence, he knows perfectly well, and without the slightest vanity, that he is among the first, he must therefore behave accordingly.

His house, his habits, his aspirations, his tastes must be different and more refined than those of the majority. Everything that belongs to him will have the traits of exclusivity, from the language to the clothes, to the trends. And only when he has fulfilled his ruling class requirements will he feel perfectly fulfilled.

Yod Lamed Yod daily life

In everyday life, as well as mystics, philosophers, poets, they can find themselves at ease in teaching, or at the top of some organization. Presidents, of course, more than managers, or event planners, architects, and engineers. Or, in the case of particularly outgoing and casual personalities, they will excel in some popular movement or in the religious hierarchy, pushed higher and higher by the admiration and trust of the majority.

Yod Lamed Yod negative way

But the primacy of intelligence can also imply some stormy aspects. By dint of tracing everything back to their intelligence, it happens that their soul, and above all the body, feel a nostalgia, even anguished at times, for strong emotions. Most people know how to hold their own firm in their realism.

But many do not resist the temptation, and seek reckless pastimes or explore some perversion. In the worst case, after having limited themselves for too long, they fall into some stormy shaded area from which they feel attracted as if by a vortex.

It is a good rule to know how to compensate for the dominance of rationality before the risk of such excesses arises. Wiser was, among those born in these days, Goya. In many of his works, he knew how to pay homage to those demons that he described in this way – they wake up as soon as reason falls asleep.

He faced them, studied them, and depicted them in detail, exploring the shadows of his own personality as one explores a mine. His lucidity came out each time reinvigorated, rebalanced, and more and more courageous.

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