Your home is a sacred space that has a soul

Your home has a soul, it is not the latest new-age gimmick but a concept that appears in many cultures throughout the world. In ancient Rome, great importance was placed on the Loci, literally the spirit of the place. And we acted in such a way that the one linked to the house was favorable to its inhabitants, promoting good health and serenity in the family.

The home should be the place where you can express who you are, in complete freedom. It is the ideal place to hang your paintings or exhibit your creations. it is the only place in the world where you know you are safe from judgment and criticism, where you protected. But if in that unique place in the world you feel uncomfortable, you will never be completely happy.

At the unconscious level, this particular bond has remained anchored in us, in the dream language the house is the symbol of our being. The house represents our protective shell, the envelope that protects us from the world. it is our sacred space, where we can allow ourselves to be ourselves, without veils.

Day after day, we project onto her who we really are. Here at times, it happens that the house responds to us in its own way. Some spaces send us back negative, congested energy, and we no longer feel – at home. Our sacred space becomes hostile to us and we experience it badly. It will then be useful to understand what is the source of disharmony between us and our home in order to live better.

The importance of subtle hygiene at home

Home is a word that means a lot. Imagine being deprived of it and having to live outside on the street, and you will understand how much luck being able to live sheltered is a great fortune. Home means feeling protected from the world, it means family, food, warmth, it means having our own place. Home means life.

We often think that taking care of our home just means keeping it clean and tidy. But there are other important things to take care of in our home and which are part of , without which it is impossible to live well inside. I think you’ve already walked into a messy house. But with such loving energy that it made you want to stay there until late at night to remake the world, by candlelight.

Here, this is an example of subtle hygiene, it consists in living the house in a harmonious way, filling it with cheerful and happy moments. Anchoring to its energy is some beautiful memories of those that nourish the soul. Which makes you feel really at home, even if there is a bit of dust left above the chandeliers.

How to get in touch with the Genius Loci, the spirit of your home

To help you understand what kind of energy runs in your home, I would like to offer you a little exercise. Find the heart of your home, the place where you feel that its identity is most marked, and sit there on the ground. Close your and breathe slowly. Connect with your home and mentally walk through its rooms, slowly, always with your eyes closed. What sensations does the room where you are communicating to you? What memories emerge in you? What does your home tell about you? What trace did you leave in her?

Do this exercise for each room, with awareness and slowness, whether there are good or bad sensations. Accept what comes to you without judging. This will allow you to make local minds about your relationship with the spirit of your home. If you feel that some rooms are heavy and congested with negative emotions ask the Genius Loci, what you could do to . Let go of the judgment and open yourself to what your unconscious communicates to you by welcoming the first thing that comes to your mind.

The answers that come to you might really surprise you. Because you will often realize that it takes very little to fix the situation and restore harmony to your sacred space. But if you can go further and understand the deep and symbolic message that lies within this solution, you will be able to learn many things about yourself and the house will become your ally in your life path.

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