Yud Lamed Yud 2nd Name of God in Kabbalah

Yud Lamed Yud Recover sparks: Reload when exhausted. When we find ourselves trapped in first gear, when our energy reserves are in a vacuum, and when we feel that our life force is slowly being consumed, the lost sparks of spiritual Light can be saved and returned to our lives. When people are asked what they want most in life, most of them respond as follows:
• Happiness
• Joy
• Prosperity
• Peace of mind
• Wisdom
• Freedom
• Lighting
• Purpose
What do these things have in common?
We can’t touch them. We cannot see them. They do not emit aroma, flavor, weight or color. According to Kabbalah, all these intangible qualities can be expressed in one word: Light! Just as the light of the sun contains all the colors of the rainbow, the spiritual Light contains all the colors of the fullness that a human being seeks throughout its existence.

This resplendent spiritual light permeates all reality. However, there is a problem. As we have discussed, negative actions can create negative effects. Every day, consciously or unconsciously, we react to ego-based desires and instincts. Each reaction creates a new negative force that steals our light. These forces are very real, despite what our ego could tell us.

These dark entities have no life of their own; they feed on our energy. We feed them whenever we manifest selfishness, intolerance, anger, fear or any other reactive characteristic. As their power grows, our lives become progressively darker.

Sparks of light are withdrawn from the destructive entities that reside in our being. Their life force is interrupted and you are supplied with divine energy. Life becomes brighter every day as billions of holy sparks return to their origin: their soul!

Yud Lamed Yud Psalm 21:20 tu autem Domine ne elongaveris auxilium tuum ad defensionem meam

This post was published on July 6, 2019 5:57 pm

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