Zachariel Archangel of Abundance and Wealth

Zachariel Archangel of Abundance, Power of Prosperity. Also known as Hesediel, Zachiel, Zedekiel, Tzadkiel, Zedekul, Sachiel, Hesed. His name evokes The of but also the Favor of . Zachariel is in fact the Angel of Abundance, of Benevolence, of Mercy and of Memory. It is the expansive energy and from which flows the unlimited grace of . This Archangel represents opulence, prosperity, majesty and social prestige but also physical well-being and exuberance. Zachariel is also the energy-money dispenser because money, like blood, is a real lifeblood. Its circulation must take place in a regular and balanced manner, as for all the fuyds inside the human body, without stagnation, without deficiencies or haemorrhages.

According to the Zohar, Zachariel leads the Dominions Angels Choir. In the Kabballistic Tree of Life, the Choir of the Dominions (Chasmalin) resides on Hesed, which is the Serah of mercy, that is of the understanding that can only be offered by perfect love. These Angels, with their burning natures, bind and hold together the various parts of the cosmos as a whole. They provide the universe with precious goods such as joy and hope, and also bring the power of laughter. Zachariel and Zophiel are the two lieutenants who stand with the at the head of the Angelic Legions who line up in the battle against Satan. Zachariel is the son of the intellect of , of his thought transmitted by the .

He is also the bearer of His and Supreme Will: he must make use of these Divine Seeds in the world of human feelings, to spur the person to the conquest of happiness. he draws from the world of ideas to inform and order matter; its generative power, however, provokes the emergence of desire. Therefore, in the energies bestowed by this Archangel, the forces of sentiments are latent, which drive us to conquer all that exists on the
land. Zachariel and his Angels are especially useful for those in need, because it is their duty to direct all things towards their best manifestation.

Archangel Zachariel is generous and does not refuse to help humans achieve material well-being, so it is one of the most invoked archangels in antiquity. Thanks to him you can get the realization of projects, success, glory. If invoked, Zachariel will answer, but will put the applicant to the test: it must be avoided that the crowning of ambitions leads to excesses or to breaking the human and divine laws, because this Archangel is also the guarantor of .
He can also help us to renounce the super-one, to all forms of futile abundance: by benefiting from his protection, we can and must try to regain the balance.

Zachariel never manifests itself as being fearful. You can invoke it whenever you need to increase your economic well-being. He is very generous and does not disdain to help humans achieve well-being. If invoked we could receive the benefits, earnings, and honorificence in a prodigious way! It will be the fruits of our past positive actions … Or of our longing for goodness, joy and abundance, in relation to our future behavior. The only contraindication is greed: Ask the right and it will be given, keeping in mind that even the right must bring benefit, must be shared with those who have less than you.

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