Zadkiel Archangel of Memory when Summon him

Zadkiel is a very powerful archangel who helps us to forgive. He uses the violet flame. This flame allows us to get rid of anger, resentment, and all negative feelings, and then open our hearts to true forgiveness.

Zadkiel means the virtue of God, this archangel is considered the angel of memory, but also the angel of compassion and forgiveness. The forgiveness that this archangel teaches us is that which comes from the heart, able to reconnect mind and heart.

It is associated with teaching and learning, in fact it can help us learn anything, both practical and theoretical. For this reason it is often invoked by students. But the need to learn and memorize information is not only useful to those who study.

Sometimes even those who have to make a presentation at work need to memorize notions and can ask for Zadkiel’s help to remember all the important things to say. He encourages us to have an open mind, to open ourselves to the new, and to be tolerant towards the different.

You can Summon Zadkiel

When you need to forgive someone.
If you have to teach someone something.
If you have to make an important presentation.
When you have to eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

When you need to start an important conversation.
if you need to memorize a lot of information, both for work and for an exam.
If you are guided too much by the head and not enough by the heart.
if you are facing a difficult and thorny subject with a person
When you feel hurt by someone’s criticism and you don’t know how to react.

If you want to remember where you put something.
If you have to write an important letter or email.
When you want to remember the name of someone you have recently met.
If you need to gain more self-confidence.
If you have to undertake a research project.

To rediscover your authentic spiritual identity.
To let go of the pain caused by abusive relationships.
If you are feeling emotionally blocked.
If you wish to eliminate all forms of resentment.
When you wish not to take yourself too seriously.
To improve your clairaudience skills.

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