Zerachiel Angel rules the month of July

Zerachiel Archangel is The Angel who rules the month of July, his name means Command of God. Also known as Saraqael, Suriel, Verchiel. Zerachiel is one of the most powerful leaders of the Angels and has the task of protecting the angelic forces against Satan and his demons.

He is one of the seven primary Archangels, he is considered a healing angel with the power to choose which child to assign to human beings. Archangel Zerachiel is also one of the two helpers of Archangel Michael. He is one of the few angels who lead souls to God’s judgment and assigns each man his guardian angel, he is also known as the angel who presides over exorcisms.

Zerachiel helps to find peace and quiet

He is the angel responsible for freeing people from the burden of guilt, selfishness, or envy. Once freed from these afflictions this Archangel will give us a chance to see the higher truth. Zerachiel is also an angel of healing and watches over humans, especially the children who have parents with addiction problems.

He has dominion over the earth and takes tender care of the environment and animals of all kinds. Invoke its healing power right away if one of your pets is sick. If your pet is lost, Zerachiel will help you find it.

Zerachiel also helps memory, it is for him that we must ask for support before an exam, or if we have to find an object, such as keys. It is here to remind us that duty and pleasure should remain in balance in life

Zerachiel encourages people to take the time and take a step back and observe what has been achieved, be happy, play and thus rebalance their energy. The archangel Zerachiel is also the angel who induces our dreams. If a person wants to understand the meaning of a dream, he must ask Zerachiel as it is he who possesses the ability to decipher it.

A simple request will be enough to immediately get Zerachiel’s help. He is a great listener so confide in him. Very important to facilitate contact is to place extreme trust in him and to be guided by his suggestions. These come as whispers in the ear, or through dreams.

Zerachiel helps us to
Release the dependencies
Search for lost items
Search for lost pets
Healing in general including animals
Purification from negative energies
Working with dreams
Insomnia – nightmares
Coming to terms with childhood trauma
Calling the angels into our home

Zerachiel rules the zodiac sign, Leo
The period from 23rd July to 22nd August
Color – yellow-orange
Stone – ruby
Metal – gold
Essences and fragrances – bergamot, sunflower, dahlia, geranium
Day – Sunday
Planet – sun
Lucky number – 1

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